It’s never too early…

As I sit and think of what horror movies to enjoy in the days leading up to Halloween, I’m reminded of last year. Last year I watched some excellent films, had a nice weekend, and was completely surprised when I returned to work and had a Department Head meeting where they unveiled the schedule of meetings for THE BUDGET SEASON to plan next years financials. Talk about a horror story. Nothing like being surprised (was my first budget season in a new role) I realize now (only a week earlier than I did last year) that it’s time to bring out my previous years budget narrative and figures and start getting ready for that inevitable email from the brass that…it’s time.

If you have help from staff who focus on sections of writing (be it in the budget, or say the annual report) it’s always ok to ask them to start thinking about it too. In the Public library world (where I live) we have to go through many rounds of budget review and revisions in the months of December, January, February… all the way to May. Why not start in November and be even just slightly ahead of the game? It’s never to early…




Peter Struzziero is a film enthusiast and Public Library Director in Massachusetts. He married a Librarian, and has many discussions about the book vs. the movie with his (very patient) wife. Peter has worked in Libraries for 12 years and has been a Library Director since 2013. He also isn’t sure if he’ll continue to have a blurb about himself in italics like this or not. 

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